Saturday, October 3, 2015

Power Source 1800 Solar Backup System Review

Bad weather often times can bring about confusion and chaos when the unexpected happens.  Such as losing electricity at your home.  Not only bad weather but with the world being as crazy as it is now; you can’t account for the prospect of social unrest.  When the unexpected occurs, will you have your family ready and secure?  Or will you and your family be left in the dark?  Now is the best time to start your off the grid lifestyle and begin to produce your own supply of electricity. 

Here’s why, off the grid living is no longer just a fad, it’s a staple.  It’s not going anywhere.  Most importantly, more and more people, especially in the United States, are using a solar generator to power their household basics and to provide electrical power in case of an emergency. 

Why not a gas generator?  Doesn’t it work just as well? 

A gas generator produces dangerous and toxic fumes, they’re noisy and, the most obvious reason, they need gas to run.  When things go bad unexpectedly and everyone loses power; everyone then crowds gas stations.  This creates disorder and dysfunction because the pumps run on electricity as well. 

On the other hand; a solar powered generator runs quietly, has no moving parts, does NOT require gas and can last for 25 years or more.  A kit comprises of five major components; the Power Source 1800, a huge deep cell battery backup, an extremely effective solar panel for fast charge times, a charge controller; to ensure that the battery doesn’t overcharge and a 48 ft. solar panel cable. 

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The entire system can be set up in minutes because it’s created to be plug-and-play.  It’s as simple as plugging your generator into the solar panel and then connecting your appliances into the generator.  Decide whether to use your solar generator for emergency use or to run every day to lower your electricity bill.  You have the option to operate sump pumps, short-wave radios, and computers and to keep food from going bad.

There are many great benefits to owning a solar generator but the best benefit is it gives you the ability to produce electricity for your house for free.  If you’re looking for the most inexpensive and dependable way to getting your basics off grid, then having a solar generator is your best option.

No one but God owns the sun; so it’s yours to use to produce your own power.  Never struggle through power outages because of unexpected disasters again. 

Get your backup plan in place today; don’t wait.  Don’t get caught without a solar powered generator.  Give yourself and your family peace of mind knowing that you have secured your house.

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